Sunday, May 07, 2006


What is Croquet?
Croquet is an open source Operating System supporting 3D. The product is open licensed. This is a peer-to-peer product and does not require a server.
It relies on a platform called as TeaTime which facilitates peer-to-peer communication and resource synchronization between multiple computers.
It has a virtual machine system by the name Squeak which helps the operating system talk to the processor.

Who is making Croquet?
Croquet is made by a group of developers funded by Alan Kay. Not sure if they have support from a front line company.

How will Croquet change my life?
Gaming will no longer be the same with the kind of 3D graphics provided by Croquet. Just have a look at the images below to visualize the potential.
Also if applications like spreadsheet and presentation decks can be made 3D; what will be the impact on us? There are some people who feel that the better chart visualization in 3D would make analyzing the content better, whereas some prefer Office 2007 with its 2D but improved graphics. Please post comments about your opinion.
The developers of Croquet claim that the new operating system can run on very low bandwidths for their network related activities, like peer-to-peer communications.

Why do we need Croquet?
In case you are a small business and users need to collaborate and share information and resources, this could be a handy peer-to-peer and GUI based platform, which does not require a server and complicated architecture for functioning. Not sure how much this will impact the market acceptance of Vista, Microsoft’s upcoming desktop operating system.

Below are some of the screenshots of Croquet in action taken from various web sites


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