Tuesday, May 16, 2006


What is Gigabeat?

Gigabeat is the portable media player from Toshiba. In my opinion, it is not much different from an iPod with the only exception being that the audio component can be integrated with XBOX. The other cool feature is the 2.4 inch display.

What can Gigabeat do?

Gigabeat can play music and videos. It can download music and full length movies. The music and video can be listened and watched while on the move or synchronized with the Media Center computer. I like the storage capacity of 40 GB which can easily accommodate around 700 mp3 files. Also the battery life is attractive at 12 hours for audio and 2.5 hours for video. The size of the device is so compact that it can be used as a portable had disk with 40 GB capacity.

How is it different from other devices available in the market?

This device is running a portable version of Windows Media Player unlike iPod and hence can play files which are supported and recognized by the Windows Media Player.


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