Sunday, May 21, 2006


What is SenseWeb?

SenseWeb is a Microsoft Research project, in which real time data, such as traffic condition, movie tickets availability etc will be provided in a searchable online format. Microsoft plans to provide this information through the Windows Live Local service.

How will SenseWeb work?

SenseWeb will collect data from Sensors. Sensors can be cameras, thermometers, theatre booking computers etc. These devices may be either placed permanently at some locations or can be devices owned by people. For example, if I am stuck in a traffic and have a web cam, I can register myself in the SenseWeb program, and my web cam’s location will be tracked and the pictures captured by my webcam will be available to other users who are looking out for the traffic condition at my location.
The sensors will push the data (images and information) to a central database for indexing and making it search-worthy.
The third component would have to be the online mapping system from where a user can pick and choose the location for which he is looking for a particular information. I believe this will be provided by the Windows Live Local service.

How will it change my life?

With this service, I do not have to rely on luck or past experience when making a travel or planning to go out for dinner or a movie. I can get a precise information right on my hands, about the current status of traffic, parking space availability and more.
Let’s say I am visiting Seattle and am not aware about the best Indian restaurant in town. With earlier available technology, all I could find out is, which are the best Indian restaurants in Seattle and their location. With SenseWeb, I could also get the estimated time to reach my selected restaurant and also the wait time.

For more information visit here:
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