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What is WinFX?
WinFX is a set of APIs to be released by Microsoft with its upcoming release of Vista and Longhorn. This API runs on top of the .NET Framework and will work alongside Win32 based API. It will work as the subsystem of the Operating System which will communicate with the low level services. The Win32 based API was used till Windows 2003 and Windows XP and will continue to be supported in Longhorn and Vista.
WinFX will include a new File System called WinFS and new GUI code named Avalon. Avalon is now called Windows Presentation Foundation.

Who should read this article?
IT Infrastructure Professionals – This article is primarily meant to provide insight about WinFX to the non-developer community.
Developers – Please comment on the accuracy of the article and if you wish you can provide some value add.

Why should I care about WinFX?
Very likely, the applications which are developed using WinFX will be incompatible with the older API of Win32. Effectively this means that companies may be forced to upgrade their existing infrastructure to the latest versions in order to reap full benefit of the new platform.
This will be a whole new platform with greatly enhanced graphics and application experience.

When will I see WinFX in action?
WinFX will work primarily with Vista and Longhorn. However, WinFX can also work with Windows XP and 2003 with the .Net Framework 2.0

How can I benefit from WinFX?
Not sure about the direct benefit derived from WinFX, but using Avalon (WPF) you can expect some real cool and clear graphics with better text display. I hear that WPF will also be supported on UMPC. Here is more information on UMPC.
I hear that WinFS takes on the relational part of the SQL database and embeds it with the File System, making it easier for client side applications to access data.

Anything else I need to know about WinFX?
WinFX is a great development; however the action lies solely with the Dev guys. The infrastructure guys will sit alongside the fence and wait for the applications to come out so that they can use it
There is a great video available about Windows Presentation Framework (Avalon) here


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