Monday, June 05, 2006

What is OQO Model 01+?

OQO Model 01+ is the smallest UMPC (Ultra Mobile PC) device in market today. It is the size of a PDA, but in effect is a full blown laptop running Windows XP Tablet PC edition.

It has features like a 1 GHz Processor, 512 MB RAM, 30 GB Hard Drive, Wireless, Bluetooth, Touchscreen, digital pen etc. The RAM cannot be extended beyond 512 MB.

It is just 4.9 inches long, 3.4 inches wide and 0.9 inches thick.

It has all features of the laptop like connectivity to a projector, Firewire, in-built speakers, and connectivity to an external keyboard.

OQO Model 01+ also comes with a pull-down keyboard. This provides an option to someone who is not comfortable using the stylus for typing long text. Refer to the image below.

The battery life is around 2 hours with moderate use. This might be inadequate for traveling users who would be away from charging points for the whole day. A larger battery life like 5 hours would be more desirable.

The cost of the OQO Model 01+ is in the range of $ 2000 which is higher compared to the UMPCs of Samsung and others.

Performance wise, considering the hardware configuration of OQO Model 01+, it can be easily used for surfing, emails and office applications. However, it cannot be used for playing CPU-intensive games or editing videos which is understandable. The screen provided is also pretty dim as compared to other Tablet PCs and makes reading in the sunlight a tough task.


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