Saturday, July 08, 2006

In - car PC with GPS Navigator, DVD and more

Do you hate cables and chargers in your car?
If yes, this in-dash car PC from Prober Industries, called the “E319″, is for you.

The device functions as an entertainment center and has a 6.5″ touch screen with 800×480 resolution with a 65 degree viewing angle. Speaking of angles, it can connect to backview camera using a CVBS video input port so you can see what’s behind when you are backing out of your garage.

It can connect to the internet using GPRS networks and can be used as a cell phone over GSM networks.

The car PC components aren’t that impressive but it should be good enough for playing your media files. It has a 20GB HD with 128 MB of RAM which connects to a 400MHz AMD AU1200 processor running Microsoft Windows CE 5.0.

The specs on the GPS receiver isn’t all that clear but the navigation system supposedly can provide voice guidance and route planning.

Besides all these, other features that are worth mentioning: AM/FM radio, DVD, VCD, CD, MP3 player.

There are USB and headset ports in front and a stylus pen.

The price is not given but Prober Industries is willing to share that info if you put in an order for 100 or more units.


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