Tuesday, July 11, 2006

What is Sony VAIO UX180P?

Sony has released a device similar to a UMPC (Ultra Mobile PC), but sporting more processing power, higher resolution, integrated keyboard and EDGE. This device as seen in the picture above is the UX180P. It is priced at $1800, which is almost double the cost of a regular UMPC like the Samsung Q1.

The best feature of the Sony UX180P like other UMPCs is easy mobility. In terms of mobility it can be compared to a OQO device, and can fit in a carry case like in the picture shown below.

Microsoft has announced support of its upcoming Vista Operating system for the UX180P.

Some of the hardware configurations of the UX180P includes 512MB RAM and Core Solo U1200. It has a nicely integrated QWERTY keyboard which slides smoothly in the background as shown below.

The device comes pre-installed with Windows XP Professional and loads of adware and trialware, which eventually slow down the performance of the machine. Much of the drivers are available on the recovery disk and it is not very easy to install a fresh operating system and then to load the drivers separately.


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