Saturday, July 01, 2006

The World’s most expensive phone!

Welcome to the billionaires lounge – please, pull up a throne, light a Honduran cigar and marvel at what is unquestionably the most expensive phone in the world.

We can just imagine its maker, Goldvish, sitting in a Genevan underground lair and drumming its fingers together mischievously while it dreamt up the €1-million (£690,000) ‘Piece Unique’.

It must come bedecked with 100-carats of the finest grade diamonds, it chuckled, and be part of such an impossibly limited production line that it’ll make the Jules Rimet trophy seem common.

As is befitting of a phone that makes Vertu’s Signature Platinum seem as exclusive as a Lion bar, little else is known about it – there’s apparently a secret compartment, but the specs won’t contain anything like a 10MP camera. It’s all about the bling.

Goldvish has, though, announced more details about its lower end phones, which start from a pathetic €18,900 (£13,075). The ‘Illusion’ models will have a mere 18ct gold casing and sport Bluetooth, an FM radio, a 2MP camera and come bundled with a 2GB SD card.

The collection will be available from a select number of jewellers across Europe from September.


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